Welcome to Golden Joy Counselling
Welcome to Golden Joy Counselling


Counselling equips you with the undivided attention to have your say and be heard. It supports you with all the right emotional and mental equipments; the compassion, attention, knowledge or information, beliefs and approaches; to help attain or resolve your therapy goals/problems. Counselling helps one to flourish in a world full of negativity. 

The benefits are immense. It enables one to understand the system for change; exploring thoughts, emotions, behaviour, and perception negative/positive. Then, one is positively empowered to challenge themselves to bring about changes. To create more loving, happier, peaceful, forgiving, confident, assertive, exciting and more positive you. 

Now, should you feel in need of support in difficult times, struggling with family or personal crisis or suffering from some traumatic events in your life; you will be supported in a safe, compassionate and non judgemental way. My clients are embraced with empathy, humility and complete acceptance. Golden Joy counselling offers both individual and group counselling to explore and address either internal or external issues that is presenting emotional pain. The process brings about personal or identifying common goals or struggles, awareness and growth. It also works to resolve conflicts and improve relationships. 

Either personal or business relationship could benefit from Golden Joy counselling services. I am able to provide the necessary/ required assistance, attention, intervention, tasks, discussion needed to maintain a better communication to best manage negotiation of differences, explore healthier ways of solving problems. Bringing awareness, changes and healings.

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