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Welcome to Golden Joy Counselling

What our customers say about us

Justine was very caring, helpful yet very professional, I have rediscovered my confidence and the sessions brought out possible explanations for my anger and acknowledge further issues. (Peter, Godstone) 

Thanks Justine, you are incredibly skilled and good at what you do. You handled some specific complex problems that were taking over my life. I understand life a bit better and have taken control of my unhappiness. (Steve, Redhill) 

I appreciated your service/sessions that I got on telephone counselling; exceeded my expectations, thank you. I will come back and recommend you too. (Gita, Crawley) 

I got exceptional result, highly experienced and caring counsellor. It was homely, therapeutic environment and great service. (Tina, Horley) 

Thank you so much Justine for your professional care and warmth, your positive and attentive nature has been very helpful, helped me to clear negative emotions, identify my feelings, I’m more confident achieving more. (Candy, Surrey) 


I will definitely recommend you to other people. The result of my counselling sessions is fantastic; I am feeling better and thinking clearer. (Theresa, Redhill) 

I find that Justine is different. She is currently seeing me and definitely the right counsellor for me. She is my support system. The sessions are completely therapeutic and transcendent. (Linda, Hove) 

We have been helped for sure. Justine has invaluable skills and knowledge, patient and supportive. Extremely caring and professional- clear thinker and great support, hardworking, dependable and a passionate helper. (S & J, East Grinstead) 

I would definitely recommend goldenjoy counselling services. Justine is very warm, sensitive, knowledge and completely supportive. Talented and natural counsellor. Extended period of counselling-highly recommended. Helped with great understanding of human nature. Gave me confidence to face the world and to achieve success in my personal life. Shed light on unexplored issues.(J, Crawley) 

I have been immensely helped by coming here. Justine has enabled me to see the complete picture as well as assisting me to move forward. (Dave, East Grinstead) 

Great counsellor, very resourceful and attentive. Valuable service.(Nick, Salfords) 

I find Golden Joy service very healing. The counsellor really listened. Quite Informative. I feel positively empowered to cope.(Melanie, Reigate) 

I would recommend Golden Joy services. Valuable support, Justine gave me permission to fly above all the negative influences including my fears. I am feeling more at peace and much more confident.(Sue, Redhill) 

Interesting lady. Brilliant counsellor, very useful, spot on inferring, understandings of my feeling and problems. Left feeling great and in control. (Khalid, Redhill) 

Definitely the right counsellor for me, lifetime of anger, heavy drinking, relationship problems. You helped me to see where we are going wrong. Appreciate your honesty and I have taken some positive steps since stopped drinking and feeling more in control of my life. Solution focused therapy has been very useful and beneficial. (Francis, Godstone) 

I have been seeing different counsellors on and off for years. Few sessions at Golden Joy services have been much more insightful and attentive to my issues. (Richard, Crawley) 

I wasn't sure at first but you soon proved me wrong. As promised we noticed some real clarifications of our marital issues from the first sessions. We were able to start working on our marriage straight away. The homework's really helped us to appreciate the value of our relationship. Your honest approach hit home. We are practicing exercises of value, respect and communication. This is great.(Vicky and Paul, Surrey) 

I like Justine's mechanisms for changes. We eliminated negative patterns, explored the nature of the obstacles and really felt empowered to create positive thoughts, confidence and assertiveness to cope with certain difficult situation in my life. It works, it has been helpful. (T, surrey) 

I feel rejuvenated, energised and supported to realise my selfworth, confidence and potential. Justine brief intensive work has drastically changed my life for better. It has stopped me from living in the past. The sessions and homework has really challenged me. This has helped to move past bad; abusive relationships and childhood ones too. I feel empowered to free myself from negative experiences and beliefs onto positive ones.(Tasha, Woodhatch) 

Our couple counselling has been well supported. We felt heard, listened to and both homework's and sessions were very therapeutic. Money well spent because we helped to go back to basics. We learned to practice respect/ forgiveness and were able to appreciate each other more. We learned to avoid/eliminate problems or negative interferences. We had all sorts going on, depression, stress, affairs, disability, we started to feel happy & supported from the very first session. Our family life and marriage has enjoyed magnificent results in just two months of counselling with Justine. We feel motivated to continue with positive behavioural changes. (F&S, Three Bridges) 

We felt isolated/ threatened/ attacked/ embarrassed and we were lucky to have found such supporting, compassionate, counsellor, who actually helped us fight for our family. We have learned so much in a short time, the right mindset, beliefs and generally the tools to maintain happy marriage + family life and empowered to get rid of negative patterns of behaviours, to recognise ways of abuse as well as boundaries. Ongoing progress as I struggle with some things which will take some time.(J&B, Smallfield) 

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