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Do you want to be supported emotionally to continually stay empowered, positive, and confident, to self generate happiness, inner strength to step above any issues? In fact, have the absolute power over your emotions and actions to turn everything round to positive outcomes.


Golden Joy Counsellor Justine is insightful, skilled, experienced and well equipped professionally to assist you in all areas of your life. With flexible, immediate access to help and happiness, complete attention and recommendations.


 Allocating essential required time for your complete breakthrough and progress. This is a service like no other; as it will have a lasting positive change. You will be supported to stand with confidence, resilience in the face of any battle. Your life will be so much more enriched, pleasant, successful, appreciated and loved.

 We can also work to achieve your goals and dreams.  Be supported to end isolations and powerlessness. Gain invaluable control over your emotions, communications and self respect.


Maybe you are in a place where you are being disrespected, looked down on or emotionally hurt?

Are you the selfless, unappreciated one; being taken for granted? Are you in an envious or abusive relationship?


I understand your position, heartbreak and pain. You deserve the love, the respect, the healing from your past and emotional intervention to help you appreciate yourself, feel more attractive, deserving of all respect, happiness and for the beautiful soul that you are.


Together we can make sense of your issues; fear, pain, frustration, guilt, shame to mention a few. We will also explore and understand all possible contributing factors that have played a part. Allowing yourself to heal essentially would be supported.


 Justine, your COMPASSIONATE COUNSELLOR is completely committed to yourself growth and healing, your emotional wellbeing.



Your SATISFACTION will be GUARENTEED if you are committed to these sessions with me. You will have unlimited access to me and I will support you with all my knowledge, tools and deep inner resources strategies required  for your emotional goals, resolution and intervention.


 These packages consist of two counselling sessions weekly, which is exclusively accessible for subscribed members.  Alternatively, there is a flat hourly rate of  £35.00 GBP .


Our sessions must ensure your immediate and lasting satisfactory changes in your life.

Be comforted by a peaceful and compassionate counsellor. No condition is permanent; if your situation has taken a turn for the worse, if you are feeling lost or sad. Turn to a counsellor that understands you and will help you cope and find a resolution.



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