Welcome to Golden Joy Counselling
Welcome to Golden Joy Counselling

Qualifications and Previous Experience

  • Advanced Counselling diploma with distinction, The Blackford Centre for Counselling, Blackford, BS28 4PA - 2012
  • MBACP - 2012
  • BA HONS Sociology & Psychology (2.1) University of East London, Essex, RM8 2AS - 1994-1997
  • Welfare & Management Diploma, Transatlantic College, Shoreditch, E2 8DY - 1994

An experienced and qualified counsellor; with extensive advisor’ and customer services experience, with the ability to work in a wide range of situations, and services, efficiently maintain positive working environment and great customer relationship. 

Also, Justine delivers a combination of services, namely: advisory, outreach, enabling, advocacy, motivating. She assesses client’s needs, reviewed and kept updated caseloads to assist challenging- physicals, social and emotional needs of clients. 

Justine is highly motivated, passionate, willing to take ownership/ responsibility for delivering of quality practice. It is her duty to listen, probe, analyse and then determine underlying needs/issues of clients. 

Justine is proficient in conflict resolutions and managing complaints. This she carries out with empathy and solutions. Justine is able to deliver, contextualise useful and relevant information such as direct communications of good news/ bad news in an impactful way. 

Justine’s working style is to attend to your concerns/issues and explore them with you by looking at your needs for a change, for coming, any set goals to work on/ towards, or any desired outcome of the therapy. We work together to resolve, to explore and empower you to get better control/insights of your situation. There is the initial consultation and if you wish to continue afterwards; both parties will look at possible appropriate sessions and confidentiality. 

Justine works with couples, individuals, the elderly; those with special needs, autism, ADHD; and others that are socially, physically, emotionally and mentally challenged. Justine will work with anyone that is in need of emotional, social and mental support and those who will benefit from the counselling.

Your care is always our concern. If you are reaching out for help, please call 01293407209

Suffering with the aftermath of a bereavement? Talk to someone who understands. Call 01293 407209.

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