Welcome to Golden Joy Counselling
Welcome to Golden Joy Counselling

Qualifications and Previous Experience

Treating individuals with genuine psychological challenges, behavioural issues and severe debilitating anxiety is not something we take complacently, at Golden Joy Counselling. I am Justine Harris-Samson, owner/therapist at Golden Joy Counselling. I have succeeded in helping many unfortunate souls who needed assistance in learning to control their psychological obstacles.


I have amassed a wealth of experience owing to my certifications in:-

  1. Advanced Counselling diploma with distinction, The Blackford Centre for Counselling, in Blackford (2012)
  2. MBACP- (2012)
  3. BA Hons Sociology & Psychology (2.1), University of East London, (1994-1997)
  4. Welfare & Management diploma, Transatlantic College, Shoreditch.


One of the most significant milestone achievements of Golden Joy Counselling that I am proud of is busting the popular misconception that anyone without a training can be a therapist and psychological counselling. I am proud of the differences I have made in people’s lives, proving the importance of professionally certified psych-therapy. I worked my heart and soul in making Golden Joy Counselling the successful enterprise it is today, but I also feel an urge of duty in improving lives with my set of skills.


As a proud owner and sole therapist at Golden Joy Counselling, I boast of success because I wish to help out every troubled soul who walks into my chambers. Even with all the personal agony that is shared within the walls, confessed and accepted by my patients, I try to maintain a degree of positivity in Golden Joy’s premises. What I wish to imbibe on patients is that the importance of the human spectrum of emotion. I have had patients walk in with severe degrees of psychological challenges and behavioural issues, all stemming from a wide range of adverse scenarios. But, none have been a challenge for me. With a mixed bag of advice, motivation, support, genuine-care and guidance Golden Joy Counselling helped many to find the state of mental wellbeing.


Golden Joy Counselling is not only a centre for dealing with personal psychological challenges or anger management in West Sussex. I also assist individuals, and couples with resolving conflicts in relationships, mitigating disasters for broken relationships too. For me, reading a patient’s emotions, nervous ticks, thought patterns, etc. has become as easy as knowing the back of my hand.​​



Your care is always our concern. If you are reaching out for help, please call 01293407209

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