Welcome to Golden Joy Counselling
Welcome to Golden Joy Counselling

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Hello! I’m Justine Harris-Samson

Counsellor, Therapist, Life coach, Mediator. 
Certified practitioner of:

  • Integrative humanistic, Gestalt counselling
  • Psychodynamic and psychotherapy
  • TA - Transactional Analysis
  • CBT - cognitive behavioural therapy
  • NLP - Neuro-linguistic programming
  • Mindfulness practice
  • Talk Therapy

As a counsellor, I furnish a climate of:

  • genuineness
  • unconditional positive regard and total acceptance
  • feelings and communicating in a deep empathetic understanding

This is to say that I enter the counselling process/therapeutic relationship, to build on or bring out others’ abilities and ideas and to enable others to tap into their internal resources for growth. I assist by LISTENING, exploring, empathising, clarifying, proposing, communicating clearly, exercising respect, tolerance and seeking openness. 

This is all in the process of providing support; with many emotional, mental and physical issues, emotions and problems; essentially, working with the clients to uncover, share, unburden and professionally help to free the client from their particular challenges/problems. In today’s world, some of us often feel ignored, not listened to, ridden with guilt, made to feel worthless, bullied, emotionally and mentally neglected and scared as a result. 


About me


I have been practicing counselling for several years, using client centred therapy, some cognitive behavioural therapy and solution focused therapy. I also offer life coach and mentoring services. 

I explore your difficulties, listen, confirm and understand your issues. I address all your issues through suggestions, explore other areas of thoughts, alternatives choices, questions, referrals to accept what has happened, make changes as required by you, empower you to uncover the truth or encourage you to look at your options and support the counselling process; by enabling you to independently and decisively come to realisations which then brings about desired outcomes. 

While it is my job to LISTEN to you and your feelings, I may also asks questions in the process of ensuring that all issues/emotions are adequately understood. In the same way, I may (if necessary) question or challenge some issues. This will be done with complete empathy and care and for your benefits/ opportunity for growth. 

I generally assist and support the process of change to resolve the problem. I instil confidence and optimism to confront and overcome issues in a safe secure and supportive environment, able and willing to strengthen you, end the fear, self-doubts to achieve inner strength, freedom from all life, pressures/ adversity.

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Please call us on 44 07833373180 or 01293 407209 44 07833373180 or 01293 407209 or use our contact form.

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