Welcome to Golden Joy Counselling
Welcome to Golden Joy Counselling

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Hello! I’m Justine Harris-Samson

I am Counsellor Justine Harris-Samson and I am here to provide my services as a mediator, life coach, psycho-therapist.

Golden Joy Counselling is my gift to a society that is full of socio-economic crisis, psychological problems and much more. I aim to provide solutions to the ones who are surviving with several problems, battling demons like PTSD, anger issues, depression and abandonment issues. My primary objective is to provide competent assistance, coaching, therapy and stress management in London. Even strongest souls need occasional help, and that is when Golden Joy Counselling stretch out the helping hand to assist individuals rise from the problems for a brighter life ahead. My services are meant for anyone who feels they can benefit from sharing their behavioural and psychological challenges with a specialist.

Over the years, as a therapist, I have provided my services in one-on-one therapy and counselling, couple’s counselling, group therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy. etc. I am certified to practice:

  • Talk therapy
  • Transactional analysis
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy
  • Neuro-linguistic therapy
  • Integrative humanistic, Gestalt counselling, and
  • Psychodynamics and psychotherapy

My services at Golden Joy Counselling are based on relationships composed of trust, openness, empathy, tolerance, and respect, patience, understanding and constructive evaluation. When you step through Golden Joy Counselling’s doors, you can just leave behind all the reasons of battling with self through proactive sessions meant to guide you and step out for positive pastures in life.


I had started Golden Joy Counselling with the mission that one day there will be no invisible barrier when it comes to dealing with stress, despair, anxiety and other such challenges, from the so-called ‘conformed’ society. Erasing the stigma, and ushering in acceptance, via communication and trust, is what Golden Joy Counselling is all about. And I assure you, that when you step across our threshold, we can promise assistance that is:


  • Honest
  • Genuine about the gravity of your challenges
  • Positive and accepting from all aspects
  • Liberating, and
  • Empathetic


Empathy is the sharpest tool in a psychotherapist’s belt. Empathy is what all of my therapist-patient liaisons were built on, and it shall be the same in the future. I am a firm believer in the fact that to truly help a patient I need to walk a mile in their proverbial shoes. Acceptance and a caring hand to guide are all that patients need to let the healing begin. And over my years of experience as a psychotherapist, I have understood that patience and understanding go a long way to bring out the positivity in even the most tortured soul. Every patient I have met has abilities, ideas, skills and the charm that we wish to see in a member of the society. Thus, I feel I must help these individuals open up, so I can take a stroll with them and revisit the positive qualities that can help them overcome their problems.


Anxiety counselling in London has never been more reasonable and empowering, so do not think twice. You are always welcome to visit me at Golden Joy Counselling and talk about your life as and when required.

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